Google Ads PPC Interview Questions for Accenture, Cognizant & Regalix Interviews

  1. Experience in Google Editor
  2. Excel – Learn Basics of Excel (V lookup, formulas, pivot charts, comparisons)
  3. CTR – Click through Rate and Conversion Rate Formula –
  4. What is outranking share – What insights you can draw from this metric? What optimizations can you make based on those insights?
  5. Share all Impression share metrics and their functional significance?
  6. What is the character length for ETA headline & for descriptions –
  7. Character limit of Final URL –
  8. Share some editorial policies of Google Ads
  9. How many campaigns/Ad Groups can be created in a Google Ads account –
  10. Ad rank/quality score correlation –How does it affect the account performance?
  11. What is a shared library?
  12. What are the types of networks in Google Ads?
  13. What are dynamic Search Ads (DSA)? What is their functional significance?
  14. What is the highest membership duration for display re-marketing list? –
  15. how to divide budget across multiple campaigns. Explain with a real life client scenario.
  16. how to use keywords match types
  17. how re-marketing works
  18. how to do keyword bid optimizations
  19. aware of ETA specifications
  20. relation between ad performance and conversion rate
  21. explain about forecasting in Google Ads?
  22. Campaign level setting
  23. Types of conversions.
  24. In-market and affinity audience
  25. auction insights
  26. Search terms report
  27. Why do you use Google Ads –
  28. Ads certified –
  29. CPC: cost per click
  30. CPA: Cost Per acquisition. When you opt into CPA, when does Google charge you?
  31. How to check daily campaign cost of last 7 days?
  32. At what levels are bids and budgets suggested?
  33. What is budget delivery? Describe each type.
  34. What are bid strategies? What’s the difference between eCPC & tCPA? Which advertiser would use eCPC and not tCPA?
  35. what all the Ad group settings we have
  36. geo-targeting? Difference between location targeting in Google and Facebook?
  37. setup re-marketing campaigns
  38. what is AES file in Ad-Words editor
  39. What is a brand campaign? Benefits of having a brand campaign in an account
  40. How to setup conversion tracking.
  41. Bid strategies in Google Ads
  42. How to do bid optimizations in the account
  43. Difference between conversion rate and conversion volume? Explain with a real life scenario.
  44. When we say averages lie? What do you understand from this?
  45. How to optimize ad copies?
  46. Ad customizers, DKI, IF and Countdown functions?
  47. What is RLSA? How is it different from choosing IF function with audience and a separate RLSA campaign?
  48. Difference between remarketing campaign & dynamic remarketing campaign.
  49. Is Google Merchant center required for dynamic remarketing campaign?
  50. Experience of handling shopping campaign? Troubleshooting Product feeds in GMC?
  51. What is google product taxonmy file?
  52. Can u find search term report for shopping campaigns?
  53. How do you create a remarketing list of visitors who visit your website from a particular marketing channel?
  54. What are funnels? Explain one basic funnel with 4 steps with a real life scenario
  55. What is search attribution? Can you explain the functional significance of attribution?
  56. What are assisted conversions?
  57. Give one example of when do you use First Interaction Attribution Model and Last interaction model?
  58. What are micro conversion and macro conversions? How do you track them in analytics?
  59. Are of Google Ads Scripts? Share one example of a scripts that make every day optimizations possible
  60. What are dynamic ad targets?
  61. What are custom audiences for google search terms? Explain its functional significance
  62. Advanced Bidding strategies in shopping campaigns?
  63. Behind drastic drop in CTR?
  64. What is click farming?
  65. About conversion rates and myths surrounding conversion rate
  66. How to expand the accounts and spend additional budget
  67. What is website call conversion? How do u implement them?
  68. Difference between call conversion and website call conversion?
  69. How do you track phone call conversions in Google Ads?
  70. How to send transaction value along with the conversion for an eCommerce website?
  71. Difference between remarketing and remarketing audiences?
  72. How to remarket to users based on date ranges?
  73. Difference between targeting and observation?
  74. What parameters are to be passed for implementing dynamic remarketing using Google Ads?
  75. Explain some advanced remarketing strategies? How can you create a remarketing list of high value product page visitors?
  76. Types of extensions and benefits
  77. How to find duplicate keywords
  78. CPA optimization
  79. How do you calculate ROAS? Explain ROAS bidding strategy