Evaluate Keyword Quality Score Health in Google Ads


Understand how Google uses keywords quality scores and learn how to stop your quality scores from holding your campaign performance! Make Marketer’s ™Whitepaper (A Google Partner Agency) “Very poor-quality scores can prevent an ad from being displayed for relevant search terms even when there is no competition for those keywords”. Low quality scores can significantly impact Google Ads campaign performance. How? Quality scores...

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Why Facebook Ads for Startups ?


Facebook is a great platform for Top of the funnel Marketing. It can put your products or services before a large target audience. Some advertisers use Facebook to drive users down their sales funnel with relevant offers. Facebook offers amazing targeting options that you cant find elsewhere. They have tailor made options for startups where you cna precisely target employees or particular pin locations and particular employees and many...

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Default Page in Google Analytics. '/' and '/index.html' tracked separately in GA?


Default page in Google Analytics: Have you ever wondered how Google Analytics displays  and even though they both are same (take users to the same page), they show up as two separate entries in your reports. You can use this setting to configure Google Analytics to treat them as the same page by defining the Default page for your site: If you find these pages reported differently in analytics, only then you...

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How page value is calculated in Google Analytics?


Page Value is the average value that Google assigns for a page that a user visited before landing on the goal page or completing an e-commerce transaction (or both). This page value is intended to give you an idea of which page in your site contributed more to your overall site's revenue. If the page wasn't involved (path the user took on your website) in an ecommerce transaction for your website in any way, then the Page Value for...

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Does your FB Clicks Traffic in FB ads appear inconsistent with Google Analytics??


Please know that, Not every FB ad Click is really a click to the website. FB counts Likes, Shares, Comments, Lead ad form visits as Link Clicks. To troubleshoot this discrepancy, you have to add custom columns in the Facebook ads account. Link Clicks: Not every link click is a click to the website. Since FB counts likes, shares and comments as link clicks. You will also find a column named unique link clicks.Outbound Clicks: This column shows...

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How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Results for a healthcare client.


Multi Channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics: How Google Ads campaigns affected the Organic Search Results for a healthcare client? It is known to every digital marketer that Google ads work wonders for a business since it allows the business owners to connect to their prospects who are the bottom of their sales funnel. Since Google Ads has a default conversion window of 30 days (for click through conversions) that allows them to record...

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Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics - 3 Simple Steps


If you are managing ads for websites where the visitor comes to the site from one source and then moves to a different domain for purchase or checkout? You want to track multiple domains in the same analytics property, how? You want to track the users journey that involves multiple domains in the same GA property? Answer: Implement Cross Domain Tracking for both the websites. Remember, Google Analytics by default does not track...

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